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Our Mission

My-T-Sharp Janitorial Services, LLC has mastered the Art of Final Cleaning with 100% assurance on every job, small or large. 

Our Methods

For more than 31 years, My-T-Sharp Janitorial Services has honed their expertise in pre and post renovation construction, final cleanings. Using our Core Value cleaning methods, we focus on "Excellent Results, Every Time!" This approach has helped us build long-term client relationships and a stellar industry reputation. We look forward to providing the same results for your next project, done the My-T-Sharp Way!

My-T-Sharp Janitorial Services, LLC  is Licensed, Bonded & Insured Serving the Entire Saint Louis/Metropolitan Area since 1993.

​Our company strives for excellence. My-T-Sharp Janitorial Services is engaged in the fight against SARS - CoV-2 COVID-19. We are following the guidelines set by the World Health Organization  posted on the CDC website. We follow-through on any type  job large or small by hiring professional workers, because we want it cleaned the my-t-sharp way.

Again: The best way that My-T-Sharp Janitorial Services, LLC is Combating the Coronavirus is by....using Disinfectants, Disinfectant Sprays and Disinfectant Wipes.    So...keep this in mind… we can not build a wall around a germ but a Clean & Sharp detailed Deep Cleaning performed for you the My-T-Sharp way...can help your organization improve the health, safety and well-being of you and your employees! 

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Our Cleaning Products

For the Ultimate in Cleaning 

We use the best cleaning products that are both Bio-degradable and safe. We are committed to using the best available Eco-friendly products & equipment that will allow our team to deliver an efficient job that assures satisfaction.

In the interest of safety, we use the most hygienic materials, Green products and equipment each containing MSD--Material Safety Data Sheets. These sheets entail important information regarding the products, first-aid and safety requirements that are essential to the services that we provide.